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L’ESCE presenta i suoi programmi estivi e annuali per 2014-2015.
Diploma, ITALIA


Programmi Master Grande Ecole  

International Marketing, International People Management e Supply Chain Management sono 3 Masters che si svolgono in lingua inglese, mentre Marketing International e Finances Internationales sono in francese.


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Summer School : luglio 2014 

L'ESCE e l’ECE Paris propongono corsi estivi a luglio 2014 per 4 settimane con lezioni di francese intensivo, business, ingegneria e cultura francese; le lezioni si svolgono o in francese, o in inglese o in spagnolo.  A fine formazione, è rilasciato un certificato.

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Lista dei certificati dopo una Summer School French and Business

Ø  Intensive French Language Courses: Beginner, Intermediate + Survival French

Ø  French Business Savoir-Faire Courses: emphasis on characteristically French industries such as fashion & luxury, wine business, and international trade &marketing

Ø  Luxury Academy: learn in-depth about the French luxury industry and get an inside look with on-site company visits

Ø  Cultural Courses: introduce the international student to French culture and help them understand its dimensions

Ø  International Business:  contemporary topics in International Business taught in English or Spanish such as e-marketing, diversity & global markets and international negotiation

Ø  Doing Business in Europe: Understand main differences in management theory, management styles and work cultures in Europe

Ø  Business Certificate in Spanish: learn about international business with classes taught in Spanish

Ø  Politics & International RelationsJune 16th – July 12th  2014 Political relations between US & Europe (4 weeks, 3 cities: Paris, London, Brussels



Ø  Smart Objects: learn in-depth about smart technology and innovations in mobile and web

Ø  Energy & Environment Seminar: focus on energy and environmental issues

Ø  Augmented & Virtual Reality: learn in-depth about augmented and virtual reality